Onanoff BuddyPhones Play+ (Cool Blue)

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The wireless BuddyPhones® Play+ has 3 volume limiting levels to choose from to suit the child’s age or noisy surroundings. Our patented StudyMode™ helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying or watching lessons. The headphones can be used both wirelessly or wired, meaning no interruptions if the battery runs low.
PRODUCT Features
SafeAudio 75/85/94dB Volume Limit
Voice Enhancing StudyMode™
20 Hour Battery Life
20m Wireless Range
Works wired or wirelessly
Built-in Microphone
Answer/Playback button
BuddyLink for Sharing
Soft Protein PU Leather Ear Pads
Adjustable Headband Size
Foldable Design 
What’s included?
BuddyPhones Play+ Headphones
BuddyLink Cable
USB-C Charge Cable
Soft Travel Bag
Decorative Stickers x 4
DIY Stickers
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DRIVER UNIT: 40mm Neodymium
SENSITIVITY: 75/85/94 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
WEIGHT: 147g.
DIMENSION: 150 x 170 x 65mm (Unfolded) 

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Onanoff Features

Aptly named ONANOFF referencing the fundamental basic action of all electronics, the on and off button, the company represents what is basic and necessary for all users through the creation of easy-to-use essential gadget accessories.

Electronics are an integral part of your household and life, the days of accepting them as a visual disruptor in your life are over.

With a passion for technology, problem solving and design, onanoff brings value to electronics through relentless pursuit of innovation.

onanoff design focuses on the core value of each product without adding complexity, keeping it functional and simple.

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ONANOFF represents what is basic and necessary for all users – through the creation of essential, easy-to-use electronic accessories. Strategically based with headquarters in Hong Kong, close to its manufacturing base in China, and design offices in Hong Kong and Iceland – onanoff is a melting pot of cultures, experience and creativity.