Wooly Organic小兔公仔

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顏色: 奶油

這個可愛的羊毛有機兔子是幼兒的絕佳柔軟伴侶。 一個毛茸茸的朋友,他們可以抱著長長的耳朵四處走動,玩弄它鬆軟的腿和手臂。

材質:100% 有機棉

填充物:經 Oeko-Tex 100 認證的玉米纖維

高度:30 厘米

護理:40°C 機洗



Wooly Organic Features


I am a mum of two little sons Henry & Daniel who are capturing the magic of childhood by living wild and pure. You already know that together with kids a lot of stuff finds a way into our homes. But the 90s home that is full of polyester plushes and plastic are over. I always strive for the best things for my children – natural materials, good quality, modern design and made in ethical environment. Wooly Organic is my third child brought up with passion and strong values in mind – Go Green, Love Design and Stay Local.

All materials are natural. 100% organic fabrics – Free from harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides. Filling – 100% corn fiber – naturally hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial.

Founded in Liepaja – Latvian city of Wind near the Baltic Sea, Wooly Organic is produced locally, in a homey manufactory, by highly qualified, harmonically employed happy workers. For material supply chain we choose only trusted European manufacturers to stay as local as possible from thread to packaging.

Wooly Organic Wooly Organic Towel Junior - Bunny Sage Green Towel

My hope is that our sustainable design will be evidence for future generations about the era we live in now – trying to balance between social, environmental and economical aspects.