Vauva x Le Petit Prince小王子 - 女童連身裙連衛衣(兩件套/藍色)

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Size: 80 cm

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Le Petit Prince小王子天真善良,以心感受事物,勇於追尋自己熱愛的事物。

Vauva x Le Petit Prince的設計加入星星的元素,鼓勵小朋友探索並創造屬於自己的小宇宙!
•  使用舒適保暖布料
•  長袖有彈性,帶有鈕扣,適合居家和戶外穿著
•  百搭設計,顏色鮮明不易掉色
•  無甲醛、無漂白劑、無螢光劑,安全不刺激

• Machine Wash Cold Separately

• Do Not Bleach

• Do Not Tumble Dry

• Do Not Iron On Decoration

• Do Not Dry Clean

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Vauva x Le Petit Prince Features

Le Petit Prince is kind, feels things with his heart and dares to pursue the things he loves.

The design of Vauva x Le Petit Prince incorporates elements of stars to encourage children to explore and create their own little universe!,

  • Comfortable and warm
  • Classic items suitable for home and outdoor wear
  • Versatile design, bright colors that won’t fade easily
  • No formaldehyde, no bleach, no fluorescent agent, safe and non-irritating

Welcome to the enchanting world of Vauva x Le Petit Prince!

Our delightful collection for babies and infants combines cozy comfort with playful charm. From whimsical prints to soft cotton fabrics, each piece invites your little one to embark on a magical adventure filled with cuddles, laughter, and endless imagination.