Vauva SS23 Safari - 女童 Vauva 棉質短褲(卡其色)

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尺寸: 80 cm

Vauva SS23 Safari - 女童 Vauva 棉質短褲(卡其色)

- 鬆緊腰帶

• Vauva Logo 

• 柔軟的觸感

• 顏色:卡其色


- 最高30°C常規分開洗水滌

- 不可漂白不可反轉乾燥

- 不可熨燙裝飾物

- 不可乾洗

• Machine Wash Cold Separately

• Do Not Bleach

• Do Not Tumble Dry

• Do Not Iron On Decoration

• Do Not Dry Clean

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Vauva SS23 Features

One day, Lydia was feeling restless and decided that she wanted to have a little adventure. She jumped into her hot air balloon and let the wind steer her past forests, lakes, islands, and over the deep blue sea. Suddenly, a big gust of wind blew her further and further away from Vauvaland. She shouted out to the birds, "Where are you taking me? Can you help me?" They answered her, "This is the monsoon wind; it will take you all the way to Africa. That's where we're heading too. Let's travel together!"

Vauva believes that every child deserves to be loved in all forms and to hope, dream, and explore freely. 

Mushroom represents dreams, fantasies, and imaginations. Children are full of dreams and imaginations. 

Cup symbolizes warmth and cozyness. Vauva brings warmth to its little wearers.

Nut symbolizes a precious seed like children that will eventually grow with the love of learning and exploring. 

Together with our love for every little child is our love for nature. We believe that showing love to little children doesn't always mean hugs and kisses but ensuring a safe environment as well.