Vauva 心形基本款女嬰長袖連身衣套裝

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Vauva 特色格仔黃色連身衣和簡約 vauva 黃色連身衣由 100% 有機棉製成,對寶寶安全健康,手感極佳。 6 個鈕扣設計讓父母可以輕鬆幫寶寶換尿布。


Vavua 格仔圖案

6 按鈕設計 - 更換尿布的簡單方法

100% 有機棉



• Machine Wash Cold Separately

• Do Not Bleach

• Do Not Tumble Dry

• Do Not Iron On Decoration

• Do Not Dry Clean

Vauva Features

It all started with an imagination that turned dreams into reality then with this imagination blended with the utmost eagerness to explore the world, Vauva came to life. Vauva, named after the Finnish word for a very small child, is a Hong Kong-based kid's fashion brand dedicated to making safe, comfortable, and stylish clothing for children to play, dream, and grow. 

Scandinavian art which originated in the Nordic countries captured Vauva's heart as it carries a sight of vibrant colors and repeating patterns that served as the inspiration for every Vauva piece produced.

Vauva believes that every child deserves to be loved in all forms and to hope, dream, and explore freely. 

Mushroom represents dreams, fantasies, and imaginations. Children are full of dreams and imaginations. 

Cup symbolizes warmth and cozyness. Vauva brings warmth to its little wearers.

Nut symbolizes a precious seed like children that will eventually grow with the love of learning and exploring. 

Together with our love for every little child is our love for nature. We believe that showing love to little children doesn't always mean hugs and kisses but ensuring a safe environment as well.

Vauva remains to hold on to the beauty of sustainable fashion which means every piece is meant to live longer; made with high-quality materials and durable fabrics that can withstand the adventures of its little wearers. When clothes last long, you buy new ones less often which means you are contributing to the planet's positive footprint.  

Vauva aims to make children feel warmth and coziness through its beautiful pieces produced without leaving a negative impact on our planet. Comfort and gentleness will follow them all throughout their journey to life.