Smartivity - 奇數射擊遊戲

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構建您自己的有趣的奇偶滑動遊戲。 將球彈入列中。 每個球都有其價值。 將這些值添加到列中以確定它是奇數還是偶數。 一名玩家代表奇數,另一名玩家代表偶數。 擁有最多列數的玩家贏得遊戲。 使用終結球為遊戲增添樂趣。 該項目基於奇偶數、拋射運動和加法的基礎知識。 該套件包含組裝奇偶射擊遊戲所需的所有元素。

Smartivity Features

STEAM is the Future.

STEAM jobs are growing 1.7x more than non-STEAM jobs. We felt that Indian education made children incapable of facing future challenges. We designed toys that incorporated the power of play with the fun of learning

While the world had moved on, the toy industry in India, we felt, was stuck in the past. There was hardly any innovation, with the bulk of the toys being imported from China. We wanted to create affordable and accessible toys that are proudly made in India.

With family units getting smaller and screen time longer, we felt the need to design toys that could help family members spend quality time together