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- 這是一款 Do It Yourself 活動套組,旨在幫助 6-8 歲兒童理解 S.T.E.M. 的基本原則。 主題(科學,技術,工程和數學)。

- S.T.E.M. Principles Your Child Will Learn Through Play:光學、視野、鏡子與反光、燈光

- D.I.Y. 時間:70 分鐘 | 遊戲時間:無限

- 這款 S.T.E.M. 富有教育意義的 D.I.Y. 玩具包括 1 本插圖豐富、易於理解的逐步說明手冊(不一定有中文版)、1 本科學原理說明的學習日誌(不一定有中文版)以及兒童進行實驗、理解概念和強化學習的其他活動。

- STEM STEAM 教育、動手、體驗學習 | 自己動手(DIY)組裝建築活動遊戲玩具套件 | 適合女孩和男孩 | 適合 6-8歲的兒童

Smartivity Features

STEAM is the Future.

STEAM jobs are growing 1.7x more than non-STEAM jobs. We felt that Indian education made children incapable of facing future challenges. We designed toys that incorporated the power of play with the fun of learning

While the world had moved on, the toy industry in India, we felt, was stuck in the past. There was hardly any innovation, with the bulk of the toys being imported from China. We wanted to create affordable and accessible toys that are proudly made in India.

With family units getting smaller and screen time longer, we felt the need to design toys that could help family members spend quality time together