nature Zoo - 有機搖鈴 – 白北極熊

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漂亮的 100% 有機搖鈴,採用經過認證的超柔軟有機棉製成。 外層材料和填充物均採用經過認證的有機棉。 這是送給寶寶的完美禮物。 (附在禮品盒中)

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natureZOO Features

Welcome to natureZOO producers of beautiful, unique childrens toys, accessories and gifts including teddy bears, baby rattles, pram mobiles and more. Combining Danish design with organic materials and ethical manufacturing to bring a range of truly unique products to European markets.

natureZOO of Denmark is a Danish brand from Copenhagen started in spring 2011 by parents of 3 little boys Vibeke & Philippe.

natureZOO is a colourful & playful universe of cute animals from our beautiful planet. We are well known for our products’ high quality and for our soft cuddly animals.

All natureZOO products are CE marked, and are approved according to the European regulations

We have a large assortment of hand crocheted teddy bears, rattles, pram mobiles, circle mobiles and much more. Handmade from soft Oeko-Tex 100 certified bamboo yarn.

Recently, we launched a 100% organic line of soft toys featuring our most popular animals. All packaging materials in our organic line are made from 100% recycled paper.