Oh,Baby! 寶寶護理旅行套裝 3件

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Gift Bag Cadeau 包含: 
- 沐浴露和洗髮精 250ML
- 沐浴油250ML
- 身體乳250ML
- 一個旅行布袋

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OH,BABY! Features

The brand comes from Belgium and has been committed to providing all-natural baby care products for children. The raw materials are all-natural, organic and vegan. It is added with hot spring water and is also rich in probiotics and prebiotics.

Developed in Belgium

The Oh, Baby! brand has been developed in Belgium. We find inspiration all over the country; from the thermal springs in Spa to the fruit trees in Haspengouw or the children's paradise on our coast.


Oh, Baby! has been specially developed for delicate baby skin.  All our products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and found to be hypoallergenic.


Our packaging is made from recycled plastic. Sort well after use so it can be recycled.
Our sample tubes are made of sugar cane and are therefore biodegradable.


All our products are formulated in line with the COSMOS ORGANIC guidelines. Only the most natural, organic ingredients are good enough for your little cherub!


Our products do not contain ingredients that come directly or indirectly from animals.

Thermal water

Thermal water is rich in minerals and trace elements and has a soothing effect.

Right from the start, OH,BABY mission has been to offer the gold-standard in organic and natural skincare for babies. Nurturing new life, with the utmost care and cherishing the magic of motherhood, wrapped up in feelings of fun, pure delight and the excitement of new beginnings.,