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玩具套裝 FIRE DEPARTMENT 由 40 個不同的部分組成,由甘蔗植物製成。 這些積木環保、可回收、可持續,還可與其他品牌互換。 包裝的設計使其成為產品的一部分。 它由 FSC 紙板製成,只需輕輕一按,您就可以輕鬆取出不同的卡片並將它們放入隨附的卡片夾中,以獲得更多的遊戲樂趣。

BiOBUDDi 玩具套裝非常適合培養 1½ 至 6 歲兒童的早期拼搭和角色扮演技能,其中的積木專為兒童的小手而設計。 每個模型都易於構建,並幫助您的孩子在玩耍時學習。


包含 25 個彩色積木。



6 位持卡人

年齡:1,5 - 6

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Biobuddi Features

BiOBUDDi is committed to build a better tomorrow, and for this reason, develops and make eco-friendly products

BiOBUDDi originated in the Netherlands. To ensure the quality we check the production process from up close. This is also one of the reasons that the toys are produced in the Netherlands. Our process is guaranteed of respect for the earth and people on it. In order to have the production process entirely in our own hands, it was decided to produce everything ourselves. The entire development of the product takes place with love from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a beautiful country that values quality and environmental friendliness. We would like to make the message of building a better tomorrow known worldwide throughout our products.

BiOBUDDi focuses on being CO2 neutral and has identified sugar cane plants as a resource that absorbs carbon dioxide, is recyclable, and suitable for toy production. These plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen during growth.

The byproduct of sugar cane processing, known as the side stream, is used to create bio-ethanol, which is then utilized to produce green polyethylene (Green PE) based on BiOBUDDi's patented formula in Germany.

This renewable plastic forms the basis of all their products, resulting in a positive impact on CO2 emissions. BiOBUDDi also emphasizes the recyclability of their materials, acknowledging the importance of the entire product life cycle. While recycling practices vary by country, the company aims for a positive CO2 impact even if products aren't recycled.

The production process and waste phase of BiOBUDDi products are eco-friendly, utilizing sustainable sugar cane and reusing residual components. Their commitment to using biobased materials derived from renewable resources is supported by DIN CERTCO certification from TÜV Rheinland, a recognized testing company.

Sustainable use of sugarcane

BiOBUDDi makes its products mainly from its own biobased raw material. The most important part of this rcw material is Green PE. This material is made from ethanol which comes from a side stream of sugar cane processing. Brazil is the world's largest sugar cane producer. Approximately 50% of the sugar cone processed is used to make sugar, with the remaining 50% used to make ethanol. Brazil's sugar cane cultivation is concentrated in the country's Center-South region. There is no expansion of sugar cane planted creas in the rainforest or the Pontanal Wetlands.