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The Aliens are coming! And only you can shoot them down. Take your position aboard the defence station in high orbit, lock your missiles, follow the launch rules and fire away! Blast off the invading aliens to save the solar system… This amazing STEAM Educational Construction Toy blends the excitement of a shooter game with core learning of concepts like Day & Night, Eclipses, Planetary Gear Mechanism and Earth’s Rotation.

So gear up! And, launch off on an exciting adventure in space with Smartivity Space Shooters. And remember, the Doomsday Clock is ticking!

How To Play Build your Smartivity Space Shooters STEAM Educational Toy, and get ready for a blast with the 2-player game you have built. Take turns to roll the die. Rotate the disc and move the earth and moon through their respective orbits. Follow the missile launch rules for the spot that your die takes you to. Target the alien spaceships with your missiles... And shoot! The player who shoots down the most alien spaceships wins the game. But you only have 4 years to save the solar system. If you fail to shoot down the aliens within 4 revolutions of earth around the sun, THE ALIENS WIN… and doomsday strikes!

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STEAM is the Future.

STEAM jobs are growing 1.7x more than non-STEAM jobs. We felt that Indian education made children incapable of facing future challenges. We designed toys that incorporated the power of play with the fun of learning

While the world had moved on, the toy industry in India, we felt, was stuck in the past. There was hardly any innovation, with the bulk of the toys being imported from China. We wanted to create affordable and accessible toys that are proudly made in India.

With family units getting smaller and screen time longer, we felt the need to design toys that could help family members spend quality time together