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Children's Flame Special Effect Bath Ball 1 x 110g

Make bath time magical with the Rocket Baff Bombz! Gently drop the Rocket Explosion Bomb into the bathwater and watch it hiss as it submerges, unleashing a multicolored flame effect!

Great birthday gift or bath toy for boys and girls ages 3+

Fragrance: Strawberry
Age Range Usage: 3+
Product advantages: biodegradable, cleanses the skin
Material Characteristics: Not Tested on Animals, Vegan, Vegan
Special Effects: Use Rocket Bath Bombs to create brightly colored fire effects during bath time

Moisturizing: Ideal for moisturizing dry skin and scenting strawberries
Vegan: Free of animal products, not tested on animals
SAFE: All Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz are safe, leak-proof and easy to clean
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