BG Infinity Wild Discovering Animals (Hong Kong Chinese Version)

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Wild – Discovering Animals is an addicting animal themed card game.

Take on the role of an explorer, collect all the clues and try to guess together with your companions the animal chosen by the opponent. Will you be able to locate the correct card in the shortest possible time?

And if you want to take a break from the main game, no problem!
With Wild you can play 3 more different games to continue the fun.


  • 48 cards, in the color of the Conservation Status, with:
    • on the front the photo and the scientific name of the animal
    • on the back the Conservation Status, the common name, 6 information (from order to diet) and 5 data (from weight to gestation)
  • 1 yellow INFORMATION die
  • 1 orange DATA die
  • 1 instruction manual