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《Match and Spell Next Steps》是 Orchard Toys 屢獲殊榮的暢銷產品。 該遊戲針對 5 歲及以上兒童,通過聲音和混合幫助培養更高級的閱讀和拼寫技能。

該遊戲的玩法是搭建各種熟悉和更高級的單詞,從“飛蛾”到“氣球”,並藉助彩色插圖來識別單詞。 父母可以使用聲音卡和混合卡鼓勵孩子發出單獨的聲音以及大聲說出整個單詞。 遊戲中包含 18 個單詞。

一旦孩子變得更加自信,他們就可以翻轉棋盤,使用空白面進行更具挑戰性的遊戲。 當所有的單詞板都完成後,遊戲就結束了。

這款豐富多彩的遊戲是以有趣且漸進的方式教孩子們拼寫和語音的好方法。 對於 4 歲及以上的幼兒,可以嘗試我們的“匹配和拼寫”識字遊戲。
1-4 名玩家


1 份說明書


- 鼓勵討論
- 促進語言和讀寫能力
- 培養匹配和記憶技能
- 鼓勵觀察能力
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Orchard Toys Features

Orchard Toys started out around a kitchen table making blocks and stencils for a local nursery school. Now, over 50 years later, we ship to over 50 different countries around the world and are recognised as a leading manufacturer of educational games and puzzles both in the UK and globally.

Children learn through play and that’s why we are passionate about developing games and jigsaws that strike the perfect balance between education and fun! All of our games and jigsaws are tested in schools and nurseries with both children and teachers to ensure this all-important balance.

All of our games and jigsaws are designed with education in mind, working in conjunction with teachers, nursery professionals and children themselves to ensure they maintain the perfect balance between educational benefits and play value.

We focus on a number of key learning skills, from specific goals such as learning different colours or counting, to more general life skills like turn-taking, social skills and hand-eye coordination.

Why Orchard Toys?

Having been designing and making children’s educational toys for 50 years, our products are the perfect choice for conscientious parents wanting a game or jigsaw with real educational and play value. We pride ourselves on our bright and colourful products, value for money, quality and exceptional customer service – all of which result in fantastic customer feedback both from parents and children themselves!