Penguin Suction Plate


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Penguins know that feeding babies isn¡¦t always easy. They are one of the few species that surprisingly continue to feed their young ones long after their babies have become adult penguins.

Our chubby little penguin is much more independent. He doesn't need anyone to feed him and he¡¦s here to help you feed your little one. He's fully equipped for the job too!

When it¡¦s mealtime, our penguin won't waddle away. The food-grade silicone base on this penguin plate will stick like glue to the kiddie table or high chair tray, so rest assured that penguin has spills, flips and throws under control! When you kiddie gets older, take the suction bottom off, since it's easily removable.

This penguin plate's cool-touch bamboo is the ideal material for little kiddies. Your child loves discovering the world by grabbing onto everything they find; breathe easy knowing that they won't get burnt when they grab hold of this plate.

Made from all-natural bamboo, this plate is free of toxins and chemicals and completely antibacterial. Using bamboo tableware is also a great way to care for the environment, since it's biodegradable, recyclable and highly renewable. Penguin has you covered there too!

Our little penguin loves splashing around with our Fish, although they don't always agree on the temperature of the water!

All the benefits of an adult plate, but obviously much cuter
Tall design allowing for multiple food choices on a single plate to encourage a balanced diet without the sections
No more chasing food around the plate. Smooth rounded edges for easier banking and scooping
Removable suction base lets you transition to regular use when your child outgrows them
Dimensions: W: 23cm | L: 20cm | Suction diameter: 15cm