Splash About - Latex Puffer Fish Dive Sticks (Pack of 3)

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Encourage children to learn valuable swimming skills and water confidence with this fun diving game. The cute pufferfish dive sticks will sink to the bottom of the pool when thrown, for children to find and collect. Or can be used as fun toys in the paddling pool this summer. Each pack contains 3 pufferfish characters. Suitable for children 6 years+


  • Fun diving game, designed to encourage children to dive under the surface of the water and help with water confidence
  • Made from soft, durable plastic that is easy throw and grasp underwater
  • Use in the pool for a simple game of throw and retrieve or by 2 or more children as a fun diving game
  • Adorable, bright pufferfish design - Suitable for children 6+ years
  • Pack of 3 - Dive Stick Dimensions Height 18 cm, Width 2.5 cm
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