MyuM - Corn Crocheted Baby Rattle, Strawberry Reversible Toy & Comforter Carrot

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Strawberry Reversible Toy

This toy is reversible. Shaped flower, it turns into strawberry...
So child learns that before making a strawberry, Mother Nature first produces a flower.

Corn Crocheted Baby Rattle

Little cool detail, you can take off the leaf from the corn!

This rattle is suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. It is handmade with crochet. It is 100% organic cotton. Its texture and bell help awaken the senses and its corn shape is created to make babies aware of Nature and healthy eating.

Comforter Carrot

The Carrot Comforter from MyuM is soft, simple and absolutely perfect. Hand-crafted from 100% organic cotton, the Carrot is colorful, soothing to the touch and the ideal size for your little one to hold and handle and keep close. And the oversized leaves provide additional soothing comfort. Whether they’re in the crib or stroller, in your arms or crawling on the floor, the Carrot Comforter is a uniquely wonderful companion.

*Toys only, bucket not included 

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