Little Lamb Suction Plate

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Mary had a little lamb that was known for following her around and going to places it wasn't supposed to go. Our little lamb isn't going anywhere, because it's sure to stick like glue to any smooth, flat surface you decide to place it on. No more spills or messy mealtime.

And while this lamb doesn't have white fleece, it is made of 100% bamboo; a biodegradable, sustainable material which keeps vicious little germs at bay. No chemicals or plastic; this little lamb is as natural as it gets.

Choose from unisex colours and make your kiddo smile at lunchtime, while you sigh with relief because little lamb¡¦s special sections make portioning out food a breeze. These sections are also a great way to help your toddler understand the difference between food varieties and choices.

Although you must be warned. Little lamb is known for winning over young toddlers' hearts, so you might have to get rid of any other tableware you've used up to now.

Little lamb might be small but is also brave, so it's best buds with our bamboo Hedgehog, since little spikes don't scare it all.

Upper divided section. Ideal for finger foods, snacks, sauces or dips
Two sections to separate mains and desserts, dry and wet foods or sweet and savoury
Super cute rounded design, ideal for smaller highchairs
Removable suction base lets you transition bowls to regular use when your child outgrows them
Dimensions: W: 24cm | L: 18cm | Suction diameter: 15cm