Lille Vilde Bamboo Fiber Whale Plate - Grey


Lille Vilde Bamboo Fiber Whale Plate - Grey

The bamboo fiber dinnerware from by Lille Vilde is the sustainable choice for everyday use.
The mix of materials makes the dinnerware bio-degradable but at the same time suitable for the dishwasher, which is a necessity in most families.

The shape and design of the dinnerware is all made to encourage a childlike mind.
Creativity and conversation is key.

The plates all have an edge high enough for the child to serve itself without all the food
going to the table or floor. The cups fit small hands perfectly and are shaped not to tilt. The small cutlery will encourage the child to serve itself however at by Lille Vilde we also encourage small children to learn, feel and taste by using their hands and fingers. All motorical skills are being developed at dinnertime.

The matte surface of the dinnerware makes it seem almost like porcelain.

The composition of the dinnerware is 60% bamboo fiber, 15% melamine, 20% corn starch and 5% plant fiber.

The dinnerware is tested under the strict european standards and is 100% BPA free.

Bamboo fiber is not suitable for microwave.

Lille Vilde from Denmark