Lille Vilde Baby's Silicone Bib - Mr. Hedgehog


Lille Vilde Baby's Silicone Bib - Mr. Hedgehog

All bibs from by Lille Vilde are made from pure silicone. They are very soft and flexible, which makes them perfect to bring on the go. Roll them up and they will take up no space in the bag.

They are comfortable for the child to wear and the matte surface gives the bib an
exclusive look.

To clean the bibs, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth, rinse it under tap water or put it in the dish washer. The easy clean makes it ready for next meal in no time which is why you will never need more than one or two bibs. Even better, the bibs will last a lifetime and are strong enough to last through many children¡¦s use and wear.

For the small baby bibs with a swan and whale embossed, we recommend that you place a piece of tissue paper in the catcher. This will absorb fluids and also keep the pocket perfectly open. With baby led weaning, we recommend to upgrade to the toddler bib that will perfectly catch all the spills from the spoon/fork that never makes it all the way to the mouth.

All bibs are adjustable in size and fits all children. They are tested and has passed the strict european standards for silicone in contact with foods. The quality has been verified by the Danish authorities.
Silicone contains no BPA or allergens.

The bibs all measure about 31x21cm.

Lille Vilde from Denmark