Build up your child’s logical thinking skills, visual perception and observation skills with this award winning puzzle game – L Shape Matching Game.


Specially designed for children aged 3 to 8 and above, the game comes in 3 levels of difficulty. Each level is carefully curated based on the level of understanding and capabilities of each age group. Each set comes with 12 L-shaped tiles and 30 challenge cards.

Level 1 – raise awareness of rules and geometric cognition

Level 2 – builds progressive inferential reasoning

Level 3 – develops spontaneity and logical thinking habits

A plus point? The L-shaped pieces are magnets, which reduces the risk of your child losing a piece of it and it is also convenient to bring along for outings.


30 Challenge Cards (with solutions)
12 Tiles
Illustrated Rules

Age Group:

Level 1 is suitable for Age 4 and above
Level 2 is suitable for Age 6 and above
Level 3 is suitable for Age 8 and above

Size: 210X250X40(mm)