Leo & Friends Funny Faces Educational Wooden Puzzle For Toddlers | 10-Piece Safe Puzzle With Wooden Board, Makes Funny Faces, Creative Play For Kids For Holidays Or Birthdays


WATCH KIDS DEVELOP CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: Your children can use all 10 face pieces in this mix-n-match puzzle to create imaginative faces. Watch them take the pieces off and place them back in new arrangements as they learn about special recognition, sorting, shapes, colors, and more

DEXTERITY AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Instead of giving your kid a screen, give them this wooden face card preschool game that will help them with dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It has been clinically proven that your child’s mastery of fine motor skills will make them a more independent person.

PERFECT HOLIDAY OR BIRTHDAY GIFT: This fun wooden safe play puzzle is the perfect holiday or birthday present. It’s an emotional recognition puzzle every single kid is going to love to touch, use, tear down, and even share with their friends and siblings.

EASY STORAGE AND SORTING: When your child is done with their accident-proof puzzle, they can simply place all 10 pieces back on top of the wooden board, put it in the box, and store it away. It’s a simple and easy cleanup, making this puzzle board game one that you can take on the road.

DURABLE, PREMIUM NON-TOXIC WOODEN DESIGN: We care about the health and safety of your children, which is why our puzzles are made with non-toxic wood and water-based paint. Rest assured if your child puts the puzzle pieces in their mouth, they will not be ingesting any toxins or chemicals.



The fun face mix-n-match puzzle that every toddler is going to love!


Inside all of us is creativity and imagination that is begging to be let out and developed. This mix-n-match puzzle can be used in a variety of ways, helping kids explore their imagination and natural creative tendencies. The more creative they get, the more confident they are going to be as an adult.


When kids play around with computer screens all day using a mouse or keyboard, they are not developing their muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nervous system the same way they do with hands-on crafts. That’s why this multi-piece face puzzle will help them develop hand-eye coordination that will make them more independent with:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Zipping zippers
  • Playing with friends
  • Washing hands
  • Making their bed
  • And more