Fox Plate Suction Plate

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The clever fox is the star in many children's fables always knowing how to get away with tricks and mischievous behaviour. Our clever bamboo fox will be your partner in crime in putting an end to your kiddo¡¦s mischief at mealtime. Like when your little one wants to play frisbee with the dinner plate. Fox won¡¦t allow that thanks to its exceptional silicone suction grip, which will stick to the high chair or kiddie table no matter how determined your little one is to play "throw the plate at daddy¨.

Made from all-natural bamboo, our little fox will protect your toddler from toxins like BPA, phthalates and other long words that you don't have time to worry about. Because your kid is hungry and starting to get restless, but our fox has a solution for that too. Its discernible sections allow you to give your toddler variety at each meal, leaving even the fussiest of eaters satisfied. And you won't need any artistic inclinations to turn your child's lunch into a work of art, since its sections will make that a piece of cake. And in six cheery colours one of them is bound to become your young one's favourite.

For some reason, Fox likes to cosy up with Bunny in your basket. Not sure why but he's quite fond of it!

The Fox plate is the perfect reminder to offer different varieties of food and helps to get into the habit of doing that at each meal
The walls of partitions help your little one push food onto a spoon.
Clever Fox also provides more leverage when sticking food with a fork
Removable suction base lets you transition to regular use when your child outgrows them
Dimensions: W: 20cm | L: 24cm | Suction diameter: 15cm