Fueki Yasashii Medicated Cream 50g


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  • Effectively soothe allergy symptoms: Eczema, Frostbite, Rashes,Acne, etc. (Officially certified by the MHLW in Japan)
  • Perfect mixture of highly effective moisturizing ingredients: HorseOil, Shea Butter, Squalene, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, etc.
  • Helps Soften, Smoothen, Tighten and Moisturize your skin
  • High permeability, Fast absorption, Long-lasting Hydration
  • An antioxidant layer to repair dry skin and prevent wrinkles
  • For Whole-body use. Refreshing Texture. Non Sticky or Oily
  • Mild and Non-irritating. Suitable for dry or sensitive skin
  • Fragrance free & Dye free. Safe and Secure
  • Suitable for all family members