Bamboo Bamboo Baby Elephant Suction Plate


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Bamboo Bamboo Baby Elephant Suction Plate

Elephants are known for their incredible memory and calm attitude. These gentle giants have so many admirable traits, it's hard not to have a soft spot in your heart for them.

Kind of like the one you will have for our adorable elephant plate. This little elephant might not be famous for its mnemonic abilities, but it will make you forget about any other tableware that you have used.

Bamboo Bamboo Baby Elephant Suction Plate

Like our other plates, this one is made entirely by all-natural bamboo. Stop worrying about your toddler getting burnt on their plate at mealtime. The cool touch bamboo won't get hot no matter how warm the food is. Bamboo is also an antibacterial material, so this little elephant will trumpet and stomp away all germs and bacteria, while keeping your child safe from toxins too.

Use the three distinct compartments to separate different food categories and to teach your little one about different tastes and textures. These sections will also help you create a picture-worthy dish effortlessly and make lunch and dinner something your toddler will anticipate.

Don¡¦t forget about this elephant plate's remarkable suction that stays put on the kiddie table for the whole meal. No more flips or flops and wasted food.

You might see our little elephant spraying our Big Panda with water to wake him up in the morning! Don't worry, panda doesn't mind!

The perfect beginner plate for your little one or snack plate for older children
Ideal for introducing different taste textures and flavours in the early weaning stages
This little cutie fits even the smallest highchair on the market
Removable Suction base lets you transition to regular use when your child outgrows them
Dimensions: W: 23 cm | L: 17 cm | Suction diameter: 12cm

Bamboo Bamboo from United Kingdom